Mirrors of Elsewhere – Scotland CD (includes shipping)


Fiddlers2’s first album, released in 2019!

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Fiddlers2’s first album, released in 2019 and part of the Mirrors of Elsewhere series. Holly and Vanessa have compiled and arranged Scottish and Cape Breton tunes and present them with their own unique style, seamlessly blending Holly’s fiddle background and Vanessa’s classical background into the sound that makes Fiddlers2 so special

    1. Sweetness of Mary (Joan MacDonald)/Captain Campbell/Brenda Stubbert’s (Brenda Stubbert)/Maggie’s Pancakes (Stuart Morrison)/Superfly (Kevin O’Neill)
    2. Miss Isabella Robertson(Robert MacIntosh)/Sir Robert MacIntosh (Robert MacIntosh)/Lady Elizabeth Cole (Robert MacIntosh)
    3. Tommy’s Tarbukas (Alasdair Fraser)/Dave Normaway MacDonald’s Wedding
    4. Aberdeen Alternative (Alasdair Fraser)/Drummond Castle/Bulgarian Red (Charlie McKerron)
    5. Hill of Lochiel/Baby Brown (Patsy Reid)/Union Street (Paul Cranford)
    6. The Banks (Parazotti)/Madame Neruda (James Scott Skinner)
    7. Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch)
    8. Mr. & Mrs. Maddox (Ryan McKasson)/Luckie Bawdrons/On the Wings of a Skorie (Michael Ferrie)/Skye BBQ (Alasdair Fraser)
    9. Farewells (Holly Sternberg)
    10. Flora McDonald/Fair Maid of Oban/Road to Errogie (Adam Sutherland)
    11. Inspired (Rebecca Lomnicky/Trip to Pakistan (Niall Kenny)/High Drive(Gordan Duncan)


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