Mirrors of Elsewhere – Ireland CD (includes shipping)


Mirrors of Elsewhere – Ireland CD – second in the Mirrors of Elsewhere Series

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Fiddlers2’s second album in the Mirrors of Elsewhere series, released in 2023. Holly and Vanessa have compiled and arranged Irish tunes and present them with their own unique style, seamlessly blending Holly’s fiddle background and Vanessa’s classical background into the sound that makes Fiddlers2 so special.

Note to composers that may have been missed:  Fiddlers2 did their very best to try and  find all of the composers represented here but there were several they were not able to find.  If that is you, please let us know so we can pay you for your wonderful tune!  Thanks!

  1. Bang Your Frog on the Sofa (Will Harmon)/The Phoenix (Dave Hennessy)/Punter’s Graveyard (©Dan Compton/Glen Cottage Music (ASCAP)
  2. Autumn Child (Brendan O’Regan)/Poor But Happy at 53 (Paddy Bawn O’Brian)/Mountain Road (Michael Gorman)/Cronin’s Fancy
  3. Winter Garden (Holly Sternberg)/King’s Fancy (Liam King) /Intrigue (Holly Sternberg)
  4. Martin O’Connor’s (Martin O’Connor)/Gortnatubrid/Carson Polka (Joe Bly)/Any Dance Will Do
  5. Mouse in the Kitchen (Colin Farrell)/All Around the Holly Tree/The Rainy Day (Seamus Ennis)/Dillon Brown’s Fancy
  6. Boys of Belfast/Bow-legged Tailor/Eileen Curran
  7. Drunken Sailor (Brendan McGlinchey)/Factory Smoke/The Quilty
  8. Scully Casey’s/Miss Cathy Chilcott’s (© Liz Carroll / Grow Your Own Music (BMI))/Master Crowley’s
  9. Ice on the Water/Bush on the Hill (Mick Maloney)/Apples in Winter
  10. Island of Woods (© Liz Carroll / Grow Your Own Music (BMI))/Pancake Tuesday (Mick McAuley, IMRO, admin by Modern Works Music)/Destitution (Ian Stevenson)/Earl’s Chair
  11. Sergeant Early’s Dream/Farewell to Connaught/Farewell to Chernobyl (Michael Ferrie)


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