Cd Cover Photo Shoot in Scotland

About the time we were preparing for our Scotland trip with Denise and the other ladies from Ceols, Holly and I were also batting around ideas for our Mirrors From Elsewhere – Scotland cd cover. The natural conclusion was that we do a photo shoot in Scotland since we were going to be there anyway. We googled photographers on the Isle of Skye and narrowed it down to two that had beautiful panoramic pictures of their homeland on their websites. We contacted both and felt the friendliest vibes from Elaine at We set it up for when we’d be there in June and Elaine actually set aside two days for us in case we were rained out of one.

We had perfect weather on the first scheduled day of our photo shoot. Our friends dropped us off at Elaine’s house and we changed into our dresses and piled into her car for the short drive to her favorite spots in the area. It was funny watching her reaction to the silly driving antics of the tourists in the area. She could tell which were tourists by their out of town/rental license plates and to her chagrin, none of them seemed to be able to figure out the one lane road system with the pullouts.

Elaine was friendly and talkitive as we parked and walked through the beautiful green hills. She lived in Cape Breton for a while and was excited to hear that some of the tunes we recorded for the cd are Cape Breton tunes. She said that she loved classical music and later told us that even though she normally preferred listening to classical music our cd was an exception.

We took our photos and did a quick video shoot at the end. We were mercifully midge free the whole two hours except for the last 10 minutes as the sun was setting and we were finishing up. Elaine then dropped us off in town at a restaurant where our friends were waiting. We had a great time and highly recommend her if you’re ever in need of a wonderful photographer in Scotland!

Celebrating after the shoot