Arranging Over FaceTime

Today Holly and I gave arranging over FaceTime a shot. She is currently visiting her boyfriend in IN and I won’t be able to see her for 2 weeks after she gets back. That’s 4 weeks total and we don’t really want to let that much time go by without working towards our arranging goal…specially since we both have a ton of extra time right now with all our gigs having been cancelled through the summer due to CoronaVirus. If we stay focused we may be able to finish arranging all the tracks for our next cd, Mirrors of Elsewhere – Ireland.

The FaceTime arranging went pretty well although we did discover that playing together doesn’t work with the sound delay that occurs. We can still figure out how many times we want to play each tune and put metronome markings to them all. It’s a start anyway, and we still need to finish putting the sheet music pdf’s together for our last cd Mirrors of Elsewhere – Scotland. Yep, plenty to do with the FaceTime hours we have set aside over the next month.

Holly and I still work incredibly well together, it always amazes me. No matter the circumstances, in person or virtually we are very productive little worker bees, stopping occasionally to eat (chocolate and boiled eggs mostly) and than get back to work. I have discovered that we work best when we have longer chunks of time, like an evening into a full next day. Holly is a night owl and I love to get up early. I wondered in the beginning if that would work out for us but it’s actually been great…I stay up late for her and she wakes up at 10:00 am for me and we accomplish a ton in a relatively short amount of time.

We have been interested to see how similar or dis-similiar our arranging experience is with this, our 2nd cd compared to our first cd last year. We kept track of how many hours it took with our Scotland cd and are doing the same with this Irish cd which is pretty similar in style. We’re even putting together a step-by-step list of exactly how we’re arranging everything and plan to maybe put a little video together to share how we’re doing it. Productive and enjoyable times ahead for Fiddlers2!