A year and a half ago now, 19 months to be precise, Holly and I were performing our Scottish sets for friends at our respective houses.  These were not polished performances by any stretch of the imagination.  We were still using music of our arrangements stretched across four stands. Everyone was so supportive and having those concerts in our calendar meant we had a deadline for getting the arrangements done.  We worked hard and sometimes barely made it. But we know that without those dates set we wouldn’t have finished an entire cd from start to finish in one year.  

We were lacking motivation throughout the Covid months of 2020 but this year we’ve put some deadlines back in and will be performing via FB live throughout the year.  That way we can have a reason to continue arranging our next cd of Irish Tunes.  We are so looking forward to sharing them with you!

Speaking of deadlines, we have video footage of several of our tracks sitting on my computer. These include videos taken on Isle of Sky, Sardine Lake, and Convict Lake. I hope to have those videos edited for all of you to enjoy by the end of the year. And if we continue to feel inspired we might go out and shoot some more videos for you as well!