Lark Camp Dedications

Our time at the 2018 Lark music camp is very special to us. We ended up dedicating 3 tracks to inspirational friends, musicians, and teachers we met during that time.

Our Hill of Lochiel set is dedicated to the inspirational teachers and friends from Lark Music Camp in general. 2019 was my first time at Lark but Holly has spent many, many happy summers there, playing sessions till the wee hours of the morning and learning a million new tunes. She has been inspired by a bunch of teachers and made a ton of friends over the years and now is a teacher there herself.

We dedicated our Sweetness of Mary set to Summer McCall who was teaching a chopping class that summer. We learned so much and thought of her when we were arranging Superfly and incorporating what she taught us at Lark camp. Summer’s vivaciousness and joy of music is infectious and she is an inspiration to many.

It was fun to include one of Ryan McKasson’s orgiginals, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Maddox.’ He taught that tune to us in his Scottish classes at camp along with a bunch of other awesome tunes. If I remember correctly the story goes that he wrote the tune for his parent’s wedding, their second wedding as they had been married once before. Ryan’s musicality and story telling were magical. My favorite moments at camp were when he played slow strathsbeys for us…beautiful and soulful music making.

Hill of Lochiel, Baby Broon, & Union Street – dedicated to inspirational teachers and friends at Lark Music Camp
Sweetness of Mary, Captain Campbell, Brenda Stubbert’s, Maggie’s Pancakes, & Superfly dedicated to Summer McCall
Mr. & Mrs. Maddox, Luckie Bawdrons, On the Wings of a Skorie, Skye BBQ dedicated to Ryan McKasson