Covid 19

The coronavirus hit so suddenly. One week we were getting together to rehearse and arrange, we had a couple gigs lined up and were excitedly discussing our summer touring plans. And the next we find ourselves on lockdown and all gigs cancelled. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d see whole orchestra seasons cancelled, touring soloists confined to their home, and gigging musicians with zero gigs.

We were planning on booking concerts for our house concert tour this summer but we are now thinking of waiting till May. We, and artists of all type are on hold right now to see what will happen over the next month and then the next several months with the virus. No one seems to know anything for sure which of course makes things like booking concert tours hard to do.

It’s so weird to be in limbo because even if we do attempt booking in May, how many hosts will be willing to confirm, knowing that we may have to cancel as we get closer? And then as we get closer and they invite guests how many of their friends will attend? Will they still be worried about social distancing in June and July? Or will everything be back to normal as quickly as it all went crazy? I know it’s wishful thinking but I’m hoping for the latter.

I told Holly that as much as we want the concert tour to happen and are looking forward to it happening we need to be prepared, mentally and emotionally that it may not. We have plenty of arranging and music publishing to keep us busy. We may even have time to arrange our entire next cd over the next month! That would be exciting and feel really good. Although, our tour this summer was how we were raising the funds for our next cd so even if we do finish arranging it we will still need to wait and see what happens…