Arranging our Scottish Cd Together

After attending Lark Camp in Mendacino, CA with Holly, my first time and her millionth, we got together to review what we had learned. We discovered pretty quickly that we loved playing together and that we didn’t sound half bad. Fiddlers2 was born shortly after. And if you’re going to form a band then the next step is recording a cd, right? We decided all of this in January and then 8 months later we had a cd in our hands! All of our hard work totally paid off.

It was really amazing to see how well Holly and I worked together. Especially considering the whole scheduling thing. She is a serious night owl and I am a total morning person. To solve our dilemma I invited her over to my house to arrange. She was happy to stay for days at a time as long as I cooked for her and her dog Leo could join us.

I will never forget those memorable, happy, and productive January and February days, snow falling gently outside and creative energy bursting inside. She would continue playing around on her own after I went to bed and then I’d be up the next morning playing around until she got up. And then the best part was playing around together in the in- between times. We arranged our entire cd in those 2 winter months we spent together.